Individual, family and group therapy in a different context and with different results

If you are thinking on starting therapy or looking for psychological support, congratulations, you have already taken a big step to put an end to something that bothers you and that does not allow you to live fully.

Surely you can imagine in the coming months visiting an office or a classroom to carry out this process.

What if we told you that at Experientia you will carry out your therapy in the natural environment?


The benefits of being in contact with nature are many, it is likely that you have already felt that feeling of well-being after a walk in the mountains


You will experience a unique process in which you will get to know yourself, gain confidence, motivation for change, personal satisfaction and, ultimately, improve your health and well-being.


You will experience a unique process in which you get to know yourself and in which you will gain confidence, motivation for change and personal satisfaction.